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Step 1:

Save 1

       Shoot the tannoy with your watch.
   I expect you to die
       Get the remaining collectables (Goldfinger)

Save 2

   Boys with Toys
       Buy attachments for 1 class of weapon
   Spend the money quickly Mr. Bond
       Continue playing. Will pop after earning some XP.

Save 3

       Finish the mission

Save 4

       Kill a few people with the P99
   People Power
       Continue & collect some intel
   Web of intrigue
       Continue & collect some intel

Save 5

   Never happened to the other guy
       Collect the last of the intel and finish the mission to get the above 2 trophies
   Very novel Q
       Continue in to the next mission and purchase the dart pen upgrades
   Positively shocking
       ..Then take out the first 2 guys. Kill the 3rd when the 4th is walking away at a distance, then kill the 4th. Sneak to the right and shock one of the 2 people that are standing next to each other with your pen.

Save 6

   You prepare for the unexpected
       Collect the remaining intel (Licence to kill)

Save 7

   Licence To Kill
       Finish the mission

Save 8

   Happy snapper
       Go to the next room and take a photo of the croc below the glass floor

Save 9

   Vodka martini, plenty of ice
       Collect the remaining intel (Die another day)

Save 10

   With or Without Q
       Drive along the right wall and steer sharply towards the plane in the last few seconds
   Standards of physical perfection
       Purchase all the training modules

Save 11

   Die Another Day
       Finish the mission

Save 12

   Scream if you want to go faster
       There is a guy in a gyroscope behind a window on the left. Hack the WIFI panel that is behind him.
   Making it personal
   Around the world one more time
       The above 3 kept popping before I could make individual saves. Keep playing the level getting the remaining intel. I think there are 2 remaining before you go inside the office, inside the unvisited 'section 2'. You will go there when you are looking for the switch to unlock the office door.

Save 13

   One small step for man
       Continue. Cannot be missed.

Save 14

       Finish the mission
   Secret Agent
       Finish the mission

Step 2:
Now you have completed the campaign, back out to the main menu and do the first challenge mission. use default settings and just run as fast as you can. You are aiming to get 3 stars.

Save 15

   Shooting star
       Get 1 more star

Save 16

   Star struck
       Get 1 more star

Save 17

       Get 1 more star
   Fascination with all things gold
       Get 5 stars in the last challenge

Step 2 Alternative:
I have included a save for all challenges complete. This might pop all of the star trophies when replaying a challenge.

Step 3:
Save 22
Master at Arms - Make an elimination with every weapon. (Kill 1 enemy)
Moonraker - Complete the 'Moonraker' mission.
007 - Complete all levels on a 'Classic' difficulty.

Step 4:

Save 19

   Above and Beyond a 00
       Go to mission select and do 1 more trial 007 trial
   Everything or nothing
       Go to mission select and do a trial on a mission that only has 1 trial missing

Save 20

   More than an agent
       Continue the campaign. When you begin your escape, shoot the target in the 2nd doorway on the right
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007 Legends
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